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Published on April 06, 2022 by LONG team


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LONG NETWORK Core — Cryptographic decentralized blockchain network and open source LONG Coin, developed exclusively by enthusiasts.

LONG NETWORK works on the principle of encrypting all outgoing messages. All messages automatically enter a single blockchain, available to all network members, and everyone “sees” the fact that messages appear in the blockchain. But! Even the sender himself cannot determine which computer will eventually “read” the message, since only the addressee who owns the secret private key associated with the recipient’s address can “read” the message. Unlike traditional cryptomessengers and networks, it is impossible to establish the very fact of “contact” between the sender and the recipient, that is, the metadata of contacts is “erased”! The system uses addresses similar to Bitcoin network addresses, which can be created locally by the user in unlimited quantities. The transaction fee is fixed at the minimum unit of the coin for technical compatibility with the existing software of pools, exchanges, explorers. Everything that works with Bitcoin also works with LONG Coin.

Top benefits:
  • Fixed commission: 1 LONG/KB;
  • Short SMS and financial transactions: 1 LONG;
  • Data transfer: up to 100Kb of text, pictures, audio messages (up to 1 minute);
  • The transfer of finances can be accompanied by scans of contracts with the signatures of the parties, which are fixed forever in the blockchain and confirmed by the nodes of the network as well as coins;
  • The network allows you to fix and set the priority (in time) of inventions, formulas, evidence, other works, with the ability to confirm ownership of the transaction by signing your LONG address;
  • The network allows voting by sending text messages to a given voting address or organizing provably fair lotteries;
  • Communication options: public chats, private encrypted chats, p2p chats, news channels, marketplaces for sales, both public and private. By default, the wallet has a global PUBLIC chat for news and communication;
  • The network allows you to perpetuate information. Like everything that enters the blockchain, it remains there forever and cannot be canceled or moderated (e.g. personal diary);

Attention! All of the above has already been implemented and works in the desktop version of the wallet and nodes! You can take a look at this:

LONG Coin parameters (block time, confirmation speed, block reward) are calculated so that the size of the blockchain will not be significantly larger than the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain

We strive for complete decentralization and independence from financial centers. Our task is to create not a financial speculative instrument, but a coin that has the function of money - that is, capable of direct exchange for goods and services. A step in this direction is the introduction of LONG in the DEX exchange in the form of a BEP-20 wLONG wrapped in a token that cannot be delisted. You can take a look at this:

Our immediate goal is to implement what is created in the desktop version of the wallet on mobile platforms, while not abandoning decentralization - the mobile wallet should be a full-fledged light node that participates in network consensus and confirms transactions and is also visible to all other nodes.

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